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Policy, History and Technical Information.

New work with occasional revivals. Script development-readings. Short workshop productions.

The White Bear was established in 1988 to bring fringe theatre to an area much lacking in such resources. It has established itself as one of the foremost fringe venues in London with productions going on to the West End, touring, TV and film. It has received 9 Time Out Critic's Choices in the last two years and has nurtured writers such as Robert Sherwood and Joe Penhall. It was recently awarded money from the Royal Victoria and Albert Hall Foundation to upgrade its technical facilities. It is currently working with the Writers' Guild of Great Britain on script development and rehearsed readings, sponsored by the Cameron Macintosh Foundation. Time Out Best Fringe Venue 2001. Nominated for Peter Brook Empty Space Award 2001.

Left out of underground station, 2 minutes walk up Kennington Park Rd / Kennington Park Rd exit from Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, and then 5 minutes down Kennington Park Road/133, 3 stop on Kennington Park Road. 109, 159 stop at top of Kennington Park and Kennington Park Road; cross into Kennington Park Road; head towards Kennington tube, theatre is on the left.

Number of Seats:

Venue Description:
L-shaped studio, 20' wide by 15' deep, 17' high. 2 entrances either side of the stage.

Dressing Rooms:
1 large dressing room, 15' by 8'

White Bear Theatre Club Lighting Facilities

Lighting Description: The default configuration allows up to 24 lanterns to be individually controlled either manually or saved in memory. There are 4 clusters of 6 sockets distributed around the perimeter grid, which are patched, to the corresponding channel number on the desk. Please ensure an open white or subtle coloured general cover wash of at least 3 front facing 500w lanterns are provided for other events, which may be sharing the space. Where shows run in parallel please consult Michael to confirm what equipment /memory page(s) is to be shared and what is allocated for your exclusive use. Unless otherwise instructed visiting companies can bring additional appropriate, suitably PAT tested equipment at your own risk. Unless otherwise instructed please leave all White Bear lanterns hung on the grid after your get-out with any TRS extensions coiled and taped. Please ensure you bring your own stock of consumables (Gel, Gaffa tape, Electrical tape). Please ensure the up stage left emergency exit sign is visible and the exit route is clear. Please get in touch prior to finalising your lighting design to confirm all the equipment listed is available.

Lighting Power Supply:
4x 63amp1ph sockets (each protected by 32amp MCB & overall RCD)
13amp (inc RCD) ring main for control desk & independent circuits

Lighting Control:
2x 6way 5amp per ch Green Ginger (+10v) Dimmers
1x 6way 10amp per ch Green Ginger (+10v) Dimmers
1x 6way 10amp per ch Zero88 Betapack+ (+/-10v)Dimmers
1x 24way Zero88 XLS Control Desk (2 preset manual or 9 pages of 24 submaster memories plus chase effects)

Lighting Rigging:
48mm static scaff grid - oblong perimeter plus additional lengths upstage & stage right (Do not rig on the diagonal services pipe).

Lantern Stock:
1x 1000w CCT Sil 30 Profile T11 lamp
2x 500w Pulsar Zoom Profile T18 lamp
5x 500w Strand Pattern 23 Profile T1/17/18/28
1x 1000w CCT Starlette Fresnel T11 lamp
2x 500w CCT Minuette Fresnel T18 lamp
5x 500w Strand Pattern123 Fresnel T1/17/18/28
2x 500w Microspot Fresnel (inc BDs)T18 lamp
1x 500w Strand Minim Fresnel T18 lamp
1x 500w Furse Fresnel T18 lamp
2x 500w CCT Minuette PC T18 lamp
3x 1000w Thomas Par64 CP62 lamp
2x 500w Pulsar Symetric Flood (inc BDs) K1 lamp
4x 500w SunFlood K1 lamp
(all Lanterns have 15amp plug, chain and hook clamp)

Lighting Cables:
4x Socapex to reach from dimmers to 4 static grid positions
2x Socapex Spiders (5amp plugs)
2x Socapex Spiders (15amp plugs)
4x Socapex Spiders (15amp sockets) these are by default labelled 1-24 & are patched to correspond with desk channels
4x 8PinDin Analogue Control Cables patched by default for desk channel 1 to control socapex socket 1, 2 to 2...24 to 24
Various lengths of 15amp TRS extensions

If required local lighting (hire and sales) supplier is 20mins walk from the White Bear... Stage Electrics, 284-302 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8RQ, Tel (020) 7620 3000

Mini disc, CD and cassette with amplifier and speakers; Sony mixing desk.

Rental Cost:
60/40 box office split

Rental Policy:
New work, but occasional revivals.

Call Mike Kingsbury - Artistic Director on 020 7793 9193

The White Bear Theatre